Who Does What

  • Account Management
  • For General Account Management questions, email phoenixaccount@ucdavis.edu
    For Proposal Submissions, email phoenixproposals@ucdavis.edu

    Responsible for:
    • Effort Commitment, Cost Sharing, and Effort Reporting

    • Funding changes and extensions for all academic and staff employees

    • Management of:
    °° All PI accounts including state general funds, gifts, endowments, student support accounts
    °° Grant and Contract Proposal/Budget Proposal projections 
    --- Data Sheet preparation
    --- Conflict of interest 700 U and 800 forms
    --- Specific forms required by sponsors
    °° Income accounts and Bench Fee accounts

    • Recharge Rates and Recharge Accounts (developing, implementing and managing)

    • Salary Projections

    • Scheduling Monthly Ledger queries

    • Business Agreements and Contracts – Independent Consultants

    • Summer Salary/Additional Compensation calculations
  • Advising
  • For Advising Assistance, email phoenixadvise@ucdavis.edu

    Grace Landon -- Course Administrator and Advising Assistant
    Responsible for:
    • Academic Advising for students
    • Department program reviews
    • Seminar organization and planning
    • Student recruitments and outreach
    • Teaching Committee Support
    • Course material fees processing
    • Course scheduling, room reservations, evaluations, advertisements
    • Managing DESII
    • PTA Numbers and Grade Change petitions
    • Regalia for Fall and Spring Commencement Ceremony
    • Textbook Adoptions and course related copying
    • Coordination of Research Scholars in Insect Biology Program

    Bianca Radut -- Undergraduate Academic Advisor supporting Global Disease Biology

    Elvira Hack -- Undergraduate Academic Advisor supporting Animal Biology
    Responsible for:
    • Academic Advising
    • Academic dress, degree certification, departmental awards/citations, exit interviews
    • Accreditation management
    • Approval of Minors
    • Integrated Curriculum Management System (ICMS) and Articulation management
    • Orientations for new students
    • Recruit and train peer advisors and organize their projects
    • Student recruitments and outreach
    • First Year Aggie Connection facilitator
    • Major Program Reviews
    • Teaching committee support

    Theresa Garcia -- Graduate Program Coordinator supporting Entomology and Plant Pathology graduate programs
    Responsible for:
    • Academic Advising
    • Department program reviews
    • Integrated Curriculum Management System (ICMS) and Articulation management
    • Input financial support for students into Grad Tracks
    • Orientations for new students
    • Seminar organization and planning
    • Student recruitments and outreach
    • TA Selection, Job Descriptions, Offer Letters and TA Financial Break-down
    • Coordination of Science and Society including the Career Discovery Group
    • Administration approval of course material fees waiver for Career Discovery Group 
  • Human Resources
  • For STAFF HR and All Payroll assistance, email phoenixpath@ucdavis.edu

    For Academic HR Issues, email phoenixhr@ucdavis.edu

    Keshmi Rajan -- HR Analyst
    Responsible for:
    • All Academic and Staff Human Resource Services: 
    °° Manage department personnel files
    °° Employee benefits liaison
    °° Interpretation of UC system-wide personnel policies and collective bargaining agreements
    °° Injury reporting
    °° Leaves including Family Medical Leave (FMLA)
    °° Layoff Issues
    °° DMV Employee Pull Notice program liaison

    • Staff Human Resource Services:
    °° Classification and reclassifications
    °° Compensation (salary, equity, stipends)
    °° Employee and labor relations
    °° Performance management and evaluation
    °° Probation period monitoring/inquiries
    °° Recruitment and employment

    Academic and Executive Assistance

    Maria Tuccori -- Academic Personnel Specialist
    Sabrina Oranchak -- Academic Personnel Specialist
    Responsible for:
    • Process academic merit/promotion/recruitment/appointments for Professors, CE Specialists, Project Scientists, Professional Researchers, Specialists (including Jr. Specialists), Lecturers and Adjunct Faculty
    • Chair's calendar coordination
    • Assistance with faculty leaves and sabbaticals
    • Coordinate reporting for the Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) projects to include new and revised projects, annual progress, termination reports including TARC’s
    • Visa processing for academic hires and visiting scholars
    • Volunteers / Temporary Affiliates / Visitors

    Stephanie Bennett -- Payroll Specialist
    Responsible for:
    • Bi-weekly and monthly payroll processing
    • TRS/Online Timesheet management (assigning supervisors) (trs.ucdavis.edu)
    • Payroll Corrections / Inquiries
    • Undergraduate student recruitment
  • IT
  • For IT assistance, email: itsupport@ucdavis.edu or Call 530-752-4433

    Responsible for:
    Desktop/Systems Support:
    • Instructional, Departmental classroom and conference room support
    • General Computing consultation, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting (e.g., desktop/laptop/mobile devices) for University owned assets
    • General computing Security Evaluation to include client-side back up
    • Provide Computing & Software License Quotes, recommendations, renewals, and facilitate Vendor Risk Assessments (VRA)
    • Serve as technical liaison with Campus IET requests
    • Voice, Cellular & Data Port, Network Administration & Changes – Authorized Telecommunications Representative (ATR)

    • Update content of main departmental and administrative cluster websites
    • Backup, Develop, Manage and Secure administrative departmental cluster databases, web applications, web servers, and generate various IT business reports
    • Provide web consultation for Faculty and Lab Websites

    • Computing infrastructure consultation
    • Ensure Campus Computer security compliance (IS-3)
    • Manage Departmental Firewall, Servers, to include their Data back up services

    • Assist in obtaining access to shared CAES-FARM or ENTNEM High Performance Computer Cluster
    • Provide second-tier hardware and software technical support for issues that cannot be resolved by the General Desktop Support Team
  • Purchasing and Travel
  • For Purchasing assistance, email phoenixpurchasing@ucdavis.edu
    For Travel assistance, email phoenixtravel@ucdavis.edu

    Responsible for:
    • Accounts Payable (invoice payments, reimbursements, honoraria)
    • Building and Lab Keys
    • Copy Card/Copy Code distribution and copier maintenance
    • Departmental Events
    • Equipment Inventory
    • Facilities Work Orders
    • Furniture requests
    • Purchasing (purchase orders, business contracts, purchasing cards, AggieBuy, Central Storehouse)
    • Salvage requests (Aggie Surplus)
    • Shipping and Receiving
    • Travel and Entertainment preparation
    • Travel Advance payments

    Travel and Entertainment Business Purpose Examples.pdf
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