Purchasing FAQ’s

Question 1: What information do I need to include on the Entomology Reimbursement Form?

Please fill out your name, date, phone number, total of receipts, the lab you work for, and the account number. It is very important that you include the account number, if you do not know what account number to use, please ask your PI. Also, all forms must be signed by you and the PI. Failure to include all this information will result in a delay of payment.

Question 2: What can I get reimbursed for using the Entomology Reimbursement Form?

The Entomology Reimbursement Form can only be used for supplies or services, no food or gas. If you would like to get reimbursed for food (for a meeting or class, etc.) or for travel (gas, etc.) you need to fill out either an Entertainment Expense form or a Travel Expense Voucher. As always, make sure to include an itemized receipt with these documents.

Question 3: What is proof of payment?

In order to get reimbursed for anything, you need to include a proof of payment. This can be a receipt, invoice, credit card statement, etc. anything that has the last 4 digits of your credit card number and your name. All receipts must be itemized. If you have lost a proof of payment for something you wish to be reimbursed for, you need to complete a Declaration of Lost Receipts Form. Failure to include an acceptable proof of payment will result in a delay of payment.

Question 4: How do I mark something received in the PrePurchasing system?

Before the purchasing staff can pay invoices, orders in the PrePurchasing system must be marked “received” by you (the requester). To do this, enter the PrePurchasing system and navigate to your order. Scroll down to the box labeled “Line Items” and select the blue box that reads “Receive Items.” This will take you to a new page, fill out “Receive Qty” box under Line Items. Scroll back to the the top of the page and select the blue box that says “Back to Order.” DO NOT HIT THE BROWSER BACK ARROW, as this will not update the order. You can check to see if the order updated under the “Order History” box.

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