Below are the Phoenix Cluster Staff Members. If you are unsure of which member to contact, general team mailing lists are located at the bottom of this page.

You can get the list of complete contact info here

Note that some of the Phoenix Cluster Staff members rotate in and out of the Briggs Administration office. Please check this rotation schedule if you have trouble finding someone

Team Mailing Lists:

Phoenix Cluster Accounting Team:

Phoenix Cluster Purchasing Team
Kristina Cantu, Lisa Jurado, Sandy Vice

Phoenix Cluster Advising Team:

Phoenix Cluster Exec Team:

Phoenix Cluster HR Team

Phoenix IT Support:
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Entomology and Nematology & Plant Pathology Departments Admin Staff:

Account Manager PI Assignments: Click to download the Excel file of information

Individual Staff Member Emails: Alfred Chan Amanda Isaac Brian Mendonca Derek Leale Doug Winter Elvira Hack Guyla Yoak George Terry Janet Brown-Simmons Julio Cardenas Jesa David Jennie Escobedo Janelle Kohl Krissy Cantu Lisa Jurado Maria Tuccori Sandy Vice Suzette Garcia Wendy Johnson-Mesa Wayne Monteiro


  • Janet Brown Simmons
    Janet Brown-Simmons, Chief Administrative Officer Cell: (530) 400-6579
  • Sandy Vice
    Sandy Vice, Department Financial Analyst Phone: (530) 752-0852
  • Maria Tuccori
    Maria Tuccori, Academic Assistant Phone: (530) 752-0300
  • Amanda Lee Isaac
    Amanda Lee Isaac, Academic Assistant Phone: (530) 752-0300
  • Suzette Garcia
    Suzette Garcia, HR Analyst Phone: (530) 752-1879
  • Krissy Cantu
    Krissy Cantu, Purchasing Agent Phone: (530) 752-1556
  • Lisa Jurado
    Lisa Jurado, Purchasing Agent Phone: (530) 752-0475
  • Janelle Kohl
    Janelle Kohl, Account Manager Phone: (530) 752-7819
  • Wendy Johnson-Mesa
    Wendy Johnson-Mesa, Account Manager Phone: (530) 752-0112
  • Guyla Yoak
    Guyla Yoak, Account Manager Phone: (530) 752-3794
  • Jennie Escobedo
    Jennie Escobedo, Advising Assistant Phone: (530) 754-4131
  • Jesa C. David
    Jesa C. David, Graduate Program Coordinator Phone: (530) 754-9506
  • Elvira Galvan Hack, Undergraduate Program Advisor Phone: (530) 754-7277
  • Alfred Chan
    Alfred Chan, Web Manager Network/Systems Administrator Phone: (530) 752-4433
  • Julio Cardenas
    Julio Cardenas, Network and Systems Administrator Phone: (530) 752-4433
  • Brian Mendonca
    Brian Mendonca Systems Specialist and Websites Administrator Phone: (530) 752-4433
  • Doug Winter
    Doug Winter, Computer Resource Specialist II Phone: (530) 752-4433
  • George Terry
    George Terry, Desktop Support Specialist, Apple Specialist Phone: (530) 752-4433
  • Derek Leale, Desktop Support Specialist Phone: (530) 752-4433 Derek Leale
  • Jennifer Tsou
    Jennifer Tsou, IT Support Student Assistant

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